Drone as a Service (DaaS)

At Beegle we are dedicated to deliver most efficient drone services to unleash the potential of farming with our powerful drone technology. 

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Agri business

Bring Innovation to Your Farm

With Beegle Fly Agri Drone Solutions

Mapping & Survey

We deliver accurate and reliable solution to undertake field / village surveys; identify total area, crops and stages of crops under cultivation using Beegle Fly drone imaging and analytics.

Crop Health Analysis

Monitor - Detect - Inspect the crop stress, its cause and implications with Beegle Fly analytics. See beyond what your naked eyes say with the help of ourNDVI Imaging.

Crop Count & Yield Estimation

Leverage the technological capabilities to get precise field data for crop counting and yield estimation with Beegle Labs AI /Ml capabilities and drone imaging.

Research & Development

Beegle strengthens our scientist in their research activities with our data collection and analytical tools with a customized approach.

Forest Services

Reach the unreachable areas of groves with Beegle drones for advanced forest auditing, surveys and effective seed bombing.

Spraying and Spreading

Precision and blanket application of nano urea,growth promoters and other plant protection formulations using Beegle Fly Drone. Faster and efficient than before.

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