About Us

About Us

Beegle Agritech is a specialized farm intelligence company offering drone data collection and analytics for empowering agriculture stakeholders in enhanced decision making with the help of our cutting edge drone technology and AI /ML capabilities. 

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Our Mission

Empower farming community with the most efficient, cost effective, innovative and reliable agricultural data services thereby increasing the productivity and profitability of our clients.

Our Vision

Is to be globally no.1 for innovative solutions while being the most trusted & reliable brand for agricultural technological solutions.

Meet The Team

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Havyas Kudupaje

CEO & Co-founder

Nitin Singh

CTO & Co-founder
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Bindu Ram Rao


Core values on which Beegle is built on

Customers' Success

Our customers' success at farming becomes our success as we grow together to address the challenges and possibilities of the future

Solving Problems

We strongly believe solving the unaddressed problems in farming is the need of the hour to make this world a better place for the future.


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